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Hey Frozen Fans,

Sorry I have been so inactive! I promise to become more active, i just had a lot of exams and was sick and stuff. :)


We will NOT be accepting ANY request for art to be in featured. The only art that will appear in featchured are the ones we choose/think deserve it. Therefore, we are moving lots of the art in that folder. THANKS.
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Elsa by HTDC
Frozen Queen and Princess by amarim
Elsa Anna by JanMtz
Frozen Fantasy - Anna/Kristoff (FF/Frozen Mashup) by SteveGibson
Don't Let Them See by Lea Voegeli by CaptainMockingjay
Throwing a Little Love Your Way by LV by CaptainMockingjay
Can't Hold it Back Anymore by LV by CaptainMockingjay
Icegirl by Lea Voegeli by CaptainMockingjay
Fantastic Beasts by JOSGUI
Anna - Arwen by JOSGUI
Elsa's Coronation accessories by SimmerElsa
The Heat Never Bothered me Anyway by LibrarianWho
The sisters
Coolest Sisters Ever by Lea Voegeli by CaptainMockingjay
The Frozen Lights by Lea Voegeli by CaptainMockingjay
Elsanna kiss 1 by Arendellecitizen
Elsanna kiss 2 by Arendellecitizen
The Frozen Legacy by Lea Voegeli by CaptainMockingjay
Gift For Romeoli by sabor78
Rule63 Frozen by laney10
Making today a drunk day by NamyGaga
Thor - Ragnarok by JOSGUI
Thor Kristoff by JOSGUI
Iron man 3 - Rapunzel Potts and Tony Rider by JOSGUI
Newkirk kristoff by JOSGUI
Olaf-Frozen by Africa2000
You Hesitated by Tumthe3
Olaf Cake Motivational Poster by BlackWolfStar15
Hades/ olaf by lunamoon321
Prince Hans
Frozen {MMD} - Winter Hans ( DOWNLOAD ) by King-Of-Snow
Prince Hans of the Southern Isles - quick sketch by inspired-flower
Hans PNG by inspired-flower
Loki Hans by JOSGUI
Artisan Crafts
Clay necklace collection #3 by r0ra
Kristoff miniature by Aetoras
Elsa Doll OOAK Custom by Thunessey
My Elsa Doll! (Close Up) by djeffers
Frozen Fever - Anna - Stained-glass by Verrett
The Big Six -- The Four Seasons
Rapunzel's Mugshot (Color) by gregterry480
Jelsa Watching a sleeping beauty by Moviedrawings
Elsa and her Knight by palaptine
The Princesses
Everyone needs the ice queen by ASAMESHII
Frozen Ponys
Snow Ponies and Dragon (MLF) by Dulcechica19
Elsa - Galadriel by JOSGUI
Anna's love life
Anna X Kohaku Wedding by sabor78
Elsa's love life
Elsa x Kristoff Sleigh Scene AU by Lea Voegeli by CaptainMockingjay
The Children
Daughter of Kristanna by Editttsss
Anna and Elsa Snowball Fight Base by CheleKirks7u7
Request: Elsa and Lisa by AliciaIsDrawing




Submission/Joining rules:

This group is for Frozen Fans ONLY! Please do not join this group just to talk about how much you hate this amazing film.

We accept all art Frozen related, as well as Cross-overs relating to Frozen.

We do not accept 18+ Cosplay, but we do accept art as long as you put it in the 13+ folder.

Please Post to the Right Folder, because doing it for you is annoying! If you really don’t know, but it in the Unsure or Other folder. THANK YOU.

No bullying or hate messages please. If someone says something you do not agree with, IN ELSAS NAME, JUST LET IT GO!

For any questions just ask one of the lovely staff!

If a FOLDER ever becomes full, please contact Katie, the group owner, so she can fix it!

~~Feature of the Month~~
ACTIVE AGAIN! Woop woop! Plus we have over 200 members! Oh my god. AND WE HAVE OVER 300 WATCHERS! AHHHH. Keep posting. ;)



Hey guys. As you might know, I made this group with my best friend Emma, who is the co-owner. Sadly her parents too away her account, due to personal issues. She will always be a co-owner, but as she might never be active again, I need someone to help me run the group.

If you are interested, note me your application. Thanks!




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RiverCreek Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2016   Traditional Artist
All of my submissions expired :(
whereyougo Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2016
Thank you for accepting
whereyougo Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2016
Thanks for accepting my drawing:)
CaptainMockingjay Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey I have a question about submitting an art piece here… it's kind of a crossover between Frozen (Elsa and Anna) and Katniss and Prim from The Hunger Games. I'm not sure if this would be accepted, so if you could please let me know that would be great! 

Here it is:  (not sure why my ":thumb:" thing isn't working…)
Kaattiieee Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
i am no longer active, this is the first time ive been on deviantart since april 2015, please feel free to post whatever your little heart desires 
CaptainMockingjay Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
ok, thank you for getting back and replying :D
ragavik Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for accepting my drawing of Elsa! Love Hug 
wakarrana Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
hi, i have a question. I'm doing a comic but a few pages but does not appear Elsa, other characters yes. My question is if I can include them?

RaeandaDavies Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015   Filmographer
Thanks for accepting me into your group x ! Here is a you tube link of myself singing as Elsa I thin the frozen fever is catching! lol x
lag-roil Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
It already has. It struck me, too, and I've been considering getting the film for a long time.. 

(Wonder if I should...)
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